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Monday, July 2, 2012

Create a Website that works and wows

You know that your school district website has a big load to carry.

But if you do your website right, you can inform, involve and invigorate your students, parents and community members to levels not reached before.

A website that works keeps your patrons informed about the important news, events, policies and regulations that impact your everyday workings.

A website that wows creates a sense of pride in your schools. What’s more, it provides venues for patrons to be a part of the school community.

First Class Communication knows how to design, write for and organize a school district web site that will make it a regular go-to site for all of your patrons.

When First Class Communication designs or re-designs website, we first work with you to pinpoint your communication and interaction needs.

Once we’ve determined how best to meet those needs, we meticulously map out your website, taking into account such critical elements as intuitive navigation, writing style, page content, design consistency and cohesiveness, and frequency of updates.

First Class Communication will guide you through the important planning phase and then provide Web design, content and template services. We also provide content management, on a regular or temporary basis. 

Contact us at (501) 626-6960 or at We'd love to put the WOW factor in your website.

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