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Monday, September 10, 2012

New rules allow high school students a jump start on college

High school students will have more opportunities to obtain credit for college courses and to get remedial courses out of the way before freshman year. The changes come with new rules on concurrent education passed by the State Board of Education at its meeting today.

The only questions from the State Board came from Dr. Jay Barth, a college professor. He expressed concerns that the concurrent education courses would be truly voluntary for the student, and that he or she would receive adequate counseling to make the best choice.

Bearden School District Superintendent Denny Rozenberg instituted the pilot program that is the basis for the new rules. He explained that the idea for it came from the Governor's focus on education and economic development partnerships in each county. The need for it was reinforced by the academic requirements of the Arkansas Challenge Scholarship.

Rozenberg said he wanted "to give our kids a jump start on college education."

The new rules passed with no opposition.

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