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Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Five Classy C's

A company worth your money is up-front with well-defined values.  At First Class Communication,  we call our value statement's our Five Classy C's.

Here they are:
Commitment to Excellence
We hold ourselves to high standards, and we don't mind working hard, long and late to meet them. We want to please our clients, but we also want to produce work of which we are proud. That's why you'll find us reading, researching and attending courses to stay on top of what's new and useful in our field. 
It's funny how folks in the communication business are sometimes the poorest communicators. Having worked in journalism and public relations for many years, we know that fact all too well. But we also know the power of honest, constructive, responsive and frequent communication. We strive to practice it daily, both within our own offices and with our clients and potential clients. 
The founding partners of First Class Communication joined together because we respected each other as persons of integrity, decency and trustworthiness. We believe those same traits must be at the core of our business. We make sure they are.
Dauphne and Julie share notes on a project.

Work is work, but it can be -- and should be -- enjoyable too. We believe in creating an empowering climate that fosters positive, professional relationships. At First Class Communication, we can honestly say we look forward to going to work each day. 
Working together as a team is a given in this field, so the trick is working together well. We do -- both within our First Class Communication team and as team members with our clients.

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