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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Respected Teacher Speaks out on CCSS

We think Kathy Powers is one of the most dynamic teachers in the state.

We first met her when she won the title of Arkansas Teacher of the Year,  and we were immediately impressed by two things -- her relationships with her students and her passion for improving learning for ALL students.

During her tenure as Teacher of the Year, she and her husband produced research identifying environmental factors associated with improving learning for lower socio-economic students. Those are the ones, after all, who often have the most ground to make up to reach their potentials. Her hope is that school districts and communities would work together to provide the best environment possible for student learning.

Today we stumbled on her blog about teaching the Common Core State Standards.  She recognizes the value of the standards, is honest about the challenges faced in transitioning, and confronts some of the myths spread by anti-CCSS folks.

In short, it's worth reading for any educator transitioning to the new standards.

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