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Monday, December 17, 2012

Dealing with Tragedy

First Class Communication joins so many in the nation experiencing sadness, anger, confusion and hoplessness after last week's events. Needless to say, our thoughts and prayers are with all those whose lives have been shattered by the gunshots in Connecticutt.

That's the first thing. Second is to say thank you to the Little Rock School District. The district's administration worked over the weekend to assure parents that safety has always been a top concern there, and will especially be so this week.

I'm sure other districts are taking similar steps, but as an LRSD parent, these are the communications I've appreciated firsthand:
  • A very detailed phone message outlining all the steps school personnel take to guarantee safety and how those efforts will be ramped up this week.
  • Facebook posts assuring the same thing.
  • An article by a school counselor on the LRSD homepage with tips for parents to help their children deal with the tragedy and the scary feelings that can occur in its aftermath.
There may be more ways of communicating that I missed, but the point is that LRSD acted quickly, proactively and used a variety of communication channels to get the message to parents that they would take care of their kids.

Well done, and many thanks!

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