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Friday, January 11, 2013

7 "inclusive" charter schools make petitions

When the Arkansas State Board of Education meets Monday, it will consider petitions for seven conversion charter schools in Arkansas. This is good!

A conversion charter school is one in which a school district converts one of its traditional schools to a charter school, so all of the students already attending it gain the benefits of the innovation and energy that charter schools often bring. We like this model because of its inclusiveness.

Coming before the State Board on Monday with requests are:
  • Blytheville High School -- A New Tech School (Blytheville School District)
  • Rogers New Technology High School (Rogers Public Schools)
  • Murfreesboro High School (South Pike County School District)
  • Brunson New Vision Charter School (grades 4-5, Warren School District)
  • Washington Academy (grades 9-12, Texarkana School District)
  • Miner Academy (grades 6-12, Bauxite School District)
  • The Academies at Jonesboro High School (Jonesboro School District)
We'll report back next week with results and also share the most exciting plans.

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